The team at Human B4 Athlete works tirelessly for all athletes to know and value themselves beyond the sport they play, and to be equipped for the long life they will live after they are done playing their sport. 

In the high-pressure world of sports, athletes are pushed to their physical limits, often neglecting the most crucial aspect of their performance: their mental health. At Human B4 Athlete, we believe in prioritizing the person before the athlete.

Our mission is simple: "To guide athletes around the world along the self discovery journey by showing them how to value themselves as HUMAN B4 ATHLETE." Here’s how we’re making a difference:

School and Team Consulting: We design and implement bespoke events and programs that support athletes' mental well-being. Our services include strategic advertising to promote mental health, guidance for aspiring professional athletes, and collaborative sessions with coaches to ensure alignment on mental health strategies.

Workshops: Our workshops focus on developing healthy habits, shifting perspectives, and introducing practical tools for tracking progress. These sessions equip athletes with the necessary skills to maintain their mental well-being and enhance their performance.

Mentoring: We provide monthly online face-to-face check-ins, offering personalized advice and homework assignments to reinforce learning and growth. This consistent, empathetic support helps athletes stay on track and develop resilience.

What sets us apart is the depth of our understanding and the breadth of our experience. We are not just offering a service; we are sharing a journey grounded in real-life experiences, helping athletes discover their true purpose beyond sports.

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Kamaria is a former NCAA Women’s Basketball student-athlete that competed in intercollegiate athletics for 6 years. She now plays basketball professionally. Throughout Kamaria’s collegiate career, she has gained a plethora of experiences that have led her to create HUMAN B4 ATHLETE. Her advocacy efforts extend beyond athletics. Kamaria is committed to fulfilling her aspirations of being a change agent to ensure the success of individuals facing high stakes, high pressure situations, with high expectations, to excel in and beyond their sport. She prioritizes building self-love and self-awareness with her peers, while helping them value who they are without any titles attached because she struggled with it most of her college years. From the triumph and calamity she faced as an athlete, Kamaria now has the tools to share with the world of athletes to cure the identity crisis epidemic. Kamaria is using her experiences and life-defining moments to be of service to the many in need, which is how she defines living in her life's purpose.‎ ‎


Director Of Operations/COO

An alum of Michigan State University. She graduated in 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management and a minor in entrepreneurship & innovation. She has a passion for mental health awareness that started at a young age. From green ribbon awareness events to volunteer efforts at a domestic violence shelter, she continues to promote the importance of a positive mental state. Outside of volunteering and school, Amy is also a former swimmer and shares a passion for sports.‎ 
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